SQL Server Konferenz 2016

The SQL Server 2016, which can be currently downloaded as a preview, offers plenty of new features and is qualified as a quantum jump in the history of that Microsoft platform on the part of Microsoft. Reason enough to make the SQL Server Konferenz 2016 even larger and more enthralling and to come up with even more content than the two years before:

  • PreCon with 3 deep dive workshops
  • 2 days MainCon with 6 tracks
  • More than 40 international and national speakers
  • More than 40 sessions

Besides the “What’s new?” and “What should I know at all costs?” we again will have partners on-site, who bring themselves in with their ideas and products; and of course, with the PASS Deutschland e.V. - the SQL Server Community, which shares their experience with all our participants.

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Amazing lineup

There are plenty of sessions on various topics for the two conference days as well as interesting deep dive workshops at the PreCon. There is at least one session in english in each timeslot available.Amazing lineup

The PreCon prior to the PreCon

One day prior to the SQL Server Konferenz, Microsoft offers a Power BI Workshop on Feb 22nd, 2016.

Microsoft Workshop only
You can register at a rate of 149 EUR (plus VAT).

Within the Conference Package, the charge for this Microsoft Workshop is reduced to 99 EUR (plus VAT). The PreCon prior to the PreCon

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